I rode Revelation's pale horse of Hades and one day I will follow Jesus through heaven on a white horse.

"Winning Ponies" Presents Writer / Former Jockey Eddie Donally

“It's interesting that Whitey Bulger, the leader of the Winter Hill Gang, is on trial in Boston for killing 19 persons the same time that "Ride the White Horse" was released. It talks about one of the gang's members threatening to kill me and place my naked body on Suffolk Downs backstretch as a warning to other jockeys.

In Genesis 50:20 Joseph's brothers, who had sold him into slavery ask him for forgiveness knowing that Joseph, now a powerful leader in Egypt, has the authority to have them instantly killed. Joseph, basically says they should ask God for forgiveness and adds "But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive."

I'm not saying the book has the power to save many people alive, but God can use anyone, even a former crooked jockey like me, to save the lost and bring hope to the hopeless, and the verse may indeed be a prophesy for the book. I am saying that the evil meant by the Winter Hill Gang is now being used to glorify the Messiah.

New! 05/05/2014 Donnally on Paulick Report: The Story of ‘Electric Jockeys’ and How to Rid the Sport of Them.

Eddie and Sandi on Christian Television Network's Herman and Sharron Show
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"Finley: The jockey who crossed Boston gangsters."    ESPN podcast: In the Gate: Surviving the Mob

Press Release: For Immediate Release:
Former jockey and journalist turned hospice chaplain launches his inspirational autobiography, Ride the White Horse: A Checkered Jockey’s Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption.”

“I’ve experienced racing from the hooves up, rage from the inside out and redemption from heaven down,” said Eddie Donnally, an ordained minister, endorsed chaplain and the only former jockey to win an Eclipse Award for Outstanding Newspaper Writing.

An electric jockey with a juice machine, he rode on racing’s undercard, lived inside its underbelly and became a part of its underworld. From constant bulimia, broken bones and betrayal of Boston’s infamous Winter Hill Gang, he depicts an unseen side of Thoroughbred racing. Yet the five tons of his sweat that disappeared down “hot box” drains was nothing compared to his struggles with sibling sexual trauma, same-sex promiscuity and an addiction to crack cocaine that in seven months took him from sports writing and TV show hosting to grooming horses on a track’s backstretch.

“I still dream of having a racehorse between my knees and love the people in horse racing.” he said. “But I had to leave it to tell my truth about it. Seconds after a race fixing gangster slugged me, a pro hit man told me that he planned to kill me and put my naked body on Boston’s Suffolk Downs backstretch as a warning to other jockeys, and now Whitey Bulger, the Winter Hill Gang’s leader, is now on trial in Boston for allegedly killing 19 persons.”

Starting in 1962, he rode for 19-years in some 10,000 races, winning over 1,000. Arrested for Sports Bribery in 1979 for a fixed race he won in 1974, he was forced to fend off the FBI who pressured him to collaborate their star witness’s testimony, as well as Boston mob members who would kill him if he did. Still, in 1980 he became Tampa Bay Downs publicity director and for seven years wrote horse racing or the Dallas Morning News. But a suicide attempt, stays in two psyche wards and a bipolar diagnosis were brief stops on a journey of self destruction that eventually landed him in jail.

After a miraculous jail cell conversion in 1996, he moved to the Los Angeles Dream Center, the former Queen of Angels Hospital turned city of refugee for the homeless and hopeless. Less than five years after leaving his cell, he became a licensed Foursquare Minister and then Development Director for Race Track Chaplaincy of America, which places chaplains at horse tracks. In 2009, he returned to seminary, earned a Doctorate of Ministry and after a 16-month hospital residency works as a PRN chaplain at Suncoast Hospice, Mease Dunedin Hospital and Bayfront Medical Center.

I use highly illegal, hand-held electrical prods on horses in races. I threw up ten times a day to make weight and broke 13 bones. I was also a bisexual, crack cocaine addicted sportswriter. Even today when I read what I wrote about the literally insane life I lived, the same old shivers ripple up my spine. Only though a series of Christ’s miracles am I’m still alive to tell it at all.”

The book will be available on Amazon and Kindle Reader July 27. For an interview, additional information or review copy, contact: Eddie Donnally at (818) 653-3711. After the publishing date, view his website at www.ridethewhitehorse.org, or email him now at ridethewhitehorse1@gmail.com or eddreamcenter@aol.com


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